We recognise that working in this field can be lonely and isolating. Feedback from our training days has showed that many therapists would welcome opportunities to network with other like-minded professionals. We have therefore begun compiling networking lists for twelve different regions throughout the UK. 

Who is the List for?

Qualified counsellors and psychotherapists working in the field of trauma, abuse and dissociation. You also need to be a current Friend of PODS to be on the list.

How does the List work?


Three times a year (Spring, Summer and Autumn) I collate details of all those on the Networking List. Each member receives a PDF contact list for their regional area. The list contains each member's name, email address, website, and town(s) where they are based.

Please note that the networking list is separate to the register of 'dissociation friendly' therapists. In other words, it is a list distributed between professionals for the purposes of networking, and is not given out to clients seeking someone to work with. If a client is looking for a therapist please ask them to contact us directly and we can send them a list of available therapists in their area via our 'dissociation-friendly' therapists register. If you are looking for a "dissociation friendly" supervisor please contact us directly.


There are both national and regional discussion groups. This provides a private and secure place to connect with others, share news and events, and discuss clinical and practical questions. It is moderated by our Client Services Manager, Elisabeth Allan, who heads up our helpline and counselling service. Please note this is optional - you do not have to access the online discussion forum and none of your details will be shared there. 

Can I join?

To join the list, you need to be

  • a UK registered counsellor or psychotherapist
  • be a Friend of PODS (this offsets the cost to us of maintaining the list)
  • be logged into the website

If you are a current Friend of PODS and are logged in, you will see an orange JOIN button below, you can click on that to proceed. If you are not a Friend and/or are not logged in you won't see anything! 

I am already on the Networking List - how do I access the Online Discussion Forum?

Once you are logged in, you can see it by hovering with your mouse over the menus: Supporting > Support for Therapists > Therapist Networking > Enter the Online Discussion Forum. Or to jump straight there click here.


If you have any further questions about the list, please contact us on 01480 878409 or info@pods-online.org.uk.




How can we help you?

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