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As part of an MA in Counselling Children in Schools, I am seeking participants for a research project.

The title of the project is:

“What do adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse identify, retrospectively, as missed clues or signs and opportunities for intervention?”

The aim of the research is to contribute towards enhancing the knowledge and confidence of adults working with children and to support efforts for non-abusive adults to become better at spotting the signs of abuse.

The invitation to participate in this study is extended to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse (where the abuse occurred before the age of 18) who have had therapeutic support, or are nearing the end of it, and who would like to share their observations and reflections about their own experience specifically in relation to the question above.

Should you choose to take part in this study, you will be required attend a semi-structured interview with myself (Daisy Anderson) lasting approximately 50 minutes. The session will be audio recorded and the contents transcribed. Once transcribed, a copy of the transcription will be provided to participants and approval of accuracy and satisfaction with the contents sought. The time frame for approval will be within 6 weeks after the interview after which time the researcher will presume the right to proceed with writing up the findings. Audio recordings will be destroyed once transcribed; transcribed interviews will be kept confidentially and securely for three years and no identifying information shared with any other parties. The information arising from the interview will be used to create a journal article for publication in which your identity will not be revealed.
Notwithstanding the counselling that participants will have received, due to the nature of the topic it is possible that the interviews could be upsetting for the interviewees. Every effort will be made to be sympathetic to any distress and if required, appropriate referrals and signposting for further support can be provided to participants.

If you have any questions and are interested in participating or would like more information contact:

Daisy Anderson (researcher)

If you have any other concerns or questions please contact the following:
Dr Stephen Adams – Langley – Stephen.Adams-Langley@PLACE2BE.ORG.UK
Chair of the School of Psychology Research Ethics Sub-committee: Dr. Mary Spiller, School of Psychology, University of East London, Water Lane, London E15 4LZ.
(Tel: 020 8223 4004. Email:


Please do not contact PODS about this research.